Water Quality

The Sydney Desalination Plant has a Water Quality Plan which specifies how the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines have been implemented.

Water from the desalination plant, like dam water, is treated to meet Australian Drinking Water Guidelines and is regulated by NSW Health. These guidelines are set by the Commonwealth and State governments, and address public health and aesthetic concerns. Read about the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines on the National Health and Medical Research Council website


The Sydney Desalination Plant holds a Network Operator's Licence under the WIC Act which requires a water quality plan that specifies how the twelve elements of the framework for the management of drinking water, as detailed in the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines, have been addressed and will be implemented. You can view Sydney Desalination Plant's Water Quality Policy here.


The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) is required to audit the Water Quality Plan regularly.  The Water Quality Plan and most recent audit report can be found under Licenses.